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Visvim ISDT Boots



—01. Polka dot heel counter.
—02. The elusive Chestnut suede.
—03. Chocolate brown suede.


I believe these shoes have been featured here before and I believe the general comments were to just buy Clarks. That’s fair enough because Clarks are a great classic staple shoe, and there isn’t much wrong with them. However, a couple of them are covered by Visvim’s version. The all natural crepe soles are definitely nicer, a couple of the colors offered are hard to get from Clarks with the natural colored sole and the playful heel counter offers something a little different, but very wearable. I’m not always a fan of the colored synthetic pieces on Visvim’s shoes, but I really do like the light spring colored dots and I think these would be great to have right about now, unfortunately there are only a couple sizes left at Honeyee.


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