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South 2 West 8 Spring Collection



—01. My favorite outfit from the Spring '11 look book.


It's nice that South 2 West 8 is finally available in Northern America, although the Nepenthes store doesn't carry a whole lot. Besides the very solid bag collection, the cut and sew goods always look good. I find that the look books are very well done each season, giving the garments a nice context and also being styled very nicely. It's a bit harder to find stand out specific pieces in the collection, but mixed in, and worn well, its a great offering of clothes.

South 2 West 8

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South 2 West 8 Winter Sweater



—01. Navy.
—02. Snowflake detail.
—03. Bottom hem.


With the holidays around the corner, decorated sweaters are about to hit their prime season. Thick winter sweaters adorned with skiers, trees and snowflakes will be out in full force, but there aren't a lot of them I'd like to wear myself. This piece from South 2 West 8 has a nice look and feel to it though; and while it is probably best suited to the middle of winter, the colors and styling feel classic enough to be a little more versatile.


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