Beams & Pilgrim Surf + Supply

This season Beams and Pilgrim Surf + Supply launched a special partnership, resulting in a handful of collaborative products with a select group of brands, including Engineered Garments, Battenwear, Birdwell, Kletterwerks, Gramicci, Oakley and Vans. While the relationship provided a platform to create these unique items, it also gave Pilgrim's owner, Chris Gentile, an opportunity to share his vision and retail environment in Tokyo, inside Beams' Harajuku flagship store. The Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Residence shop also includes a selection of surf boards, wetsuits, books and furniture, all of which contribute to Pilgrim's unique aesthetic.

Last summer photographer Dave Potes captured a series of meetings in New York between Chris Gentile, Beams buyer, Alex Nakada and Battenwear designer, Shinya Hasegawa. Dave followed Alex throughout the city and the seasonal heat to document the trip from Beams' perspective as they worked with the two New York-based creatives. The behind the scenes story offers some insight into the processes, discussions and work that went into orchestrating the extensive range of products and collaborations.