Needles & Pens 10 Year Show

Writer Adam Cimino
Photography Harry Gregory
Editing Adam Cimino and Harry Gregory
Music Tara Jane O'Neil 'Take The Walking'

Needles & Pens
Luggage Store Gallery

“I started drawing because of skateboard graphics, album art and magazine culture. I never considered art school because everything I wanted to do was right there in front of me. I was always intimidated by all the nuances of being an artist: the cliché, the romanticism, the gear. If you want to do anything in life you just figure it out; just put in the work. That is what radiates about N&P, and always has. The roof exists only because of the dreams and hard work that hold up its walls.” – Mat O’Brien, Artist

Over the last ten years, Andrew Martin Scott and Breezy Culbertson have watched a world emerge from the doors of their San Francisco storefront, Needles & Pens. They have done so as a small gallery space with a specialization in zines and other handmade goods, engaging their immediate community with those actively seeking to define and create new dialogues in art. On May 10th, 2013 their efforts culminated in a month long exhibition at The Luggage Store Gallery featuring over 60 artists. The event represented a rare moment for all to stand in appreciation of a decade spent exploring the small shop’s shelves and walls.