South2 West8 Bag Collection

Photography Shoda Masahiro
Creative Direction Tokuro Aoyagi
Art Direction Jun Okiyama

South2 West8

South2 West8 was established in 2003 by Nepenthes Co., Ltd. Since it started the brand has been producing classic detailed outdoor sportswear and accessories for Hokkaido, Japan which continues to represent the untamed wilderness with many great national parks.

The bag collection has grown over the past few seasons and this fall it will launch in North American retailers for the first time. Well known for the collection's sunforger bags, the functional and classic American outdoor styles are also taking on some new fabrics this season, such as Cordura nylon and Ballistic nylon. The range covers just about any bag you could need, varying in size, color and styles, the South2 West8 bag collection is one of the finest around in quality and variety.