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Doc Savage

WRITER Jason Jules

My current obsession? Doc Savage – the first All-American superhero. Predating Superman, his character and fantasy pulp adventures informed the whole genre of comic book superhero. A Manhattan society bachelor and heir to millions, he was trained from birth by some of the world’s best scientists, has ESP, a photographic memory and is a martial arts master. Real name Clark Savage Jr., known as The Man of Bronze, he dedicates his life to continuing his dead father’s work – adding muscle to his namesake’s scientific prowess. He rolls with a crew of old war buddies called the Fabulous Five – a bunch of misfits all of whom have their own heroic qualities. The character has been around since 1933, has graced almost two hundred books, numerous comics and radio shows but only one film – in 1975. Produced by George Pal and perfectly cast with erstwhile TV Tarzan Ron Ely as Savage it caved in under the weight of its campness. Now, after the recent movie successes of Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman and the X-Men, it only makes sense to make a film based on the daddy of them all. For the past few years speculation has centered around writer/director Shane Black. He’s said to be co-writing a script for a new Doc Savage feature. Meanwhile check out the fan edited version of the Pal/Ely movie – with camp bits cut out, read the Bantam paperback reprints with amazing cover art by James Barma, check out the crazy life of the character’s main writer Lester Dent (aka Kenneth Robeson) or maybe start with the First Wave comics series released a couple of years ago. See, I said I was obsessed.

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