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Grid Systems in Graphic Design

WRITER Ryan Willms

This book was originally recommended to me back in 2007 by the first two graphic designers I asked for advice, one of whom was our original designer, Chris Allen, before I had even met him in person. As an aspiring, very junior designer, Josef Müller-Brockmann provided me with arguably the best source of guides, examples and teachings I could have found in those early days. The lessons in space ratios, grid use and the general message of the book have stuck with me in everything I’ve worked on since. Josef Müller-Brockmann’s first book on the topic, The Graphic Artist and His Design Problems (1961) shows off his intimate knowledge of the grid, but Grid Systems in Graphic Design (1996) takes a more in-depth look from the inside, and offers an incredible amount of information, case study work and examples to go along with it. In short, it’s essential.

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