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WRITER Philip Watts

In case you missed it, this is a book Rizzoli put out in 2009 chronicling Mark Borthwick's work in fashion over the last decade or so. Only Borthwick's work in fashion is also his work with his family, and his friends, and more often than not the natural beauty of the world around us. Or at the very least; his garden. He has always involved more than just the clothes themselves in his work, opting for bare flesh in place of over-styled outfits, or foregoing models altogether by taping up garments to a wall and shooting that instead. The book is peppered with pieces of Mark's art, collections from his personal archive, and photos featured in issues of Purple, Vogue and Index magazines. Famous for quickly opening and closing the back of his camera after shooting a photo, his work is an experiment in the art of photography. Light leaks, destroyed negatives, warped and warm colours are key features in almost all of his photos. This book is amazingly edited and constructed, and serves as a great introduction to his work.

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