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The White Review

WRITER Philip Watts

Released for the first time in February 2011, and now on its tenth issue, The White Review stands as a reference and tribute to La Revue Blanche, a Parisian magazine that ran until 1903. A quarterly journal on arts, politics and fiction The White Review exists as both an exceptionally well-produced print publication as well as an equally well-designed web platform, both of which were conceived to promote the work of writers and artists. Content is split between both the magazine and website, which in turn offer fantastic examples of short fiction, interviews, cultural thought and political insight. A beautiful object in its own right, I’d be lying if I said that the design, paper, and format did not attract me in equal parts to purchasing it in the first place. Alongside the exceptional writing and interviews contained within, The White Review also publishes photo essays and artworks in print, and comes wrapped in a dust jacket that unfolds to show a collectable work of art, produced exclusively by a new artist each issue. Both playful and experimental in design, The White Review will improve your morning reading, while simultaneously making your bookshelf a better place.

The White Review

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