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Wtaps Packaging

WRITER Ryan Willms

There are few clothing companies that make packaging that's just as good as their products. As a brand, Wtaps are arguably the most successful when it comes to exterior branding, not in the same as way as say, Louis Vuitton, but in regards to making a garment look even better. Their packaging follows a similar philosophy. In fact, I probably own more Wtaps bags, boxes and containers than I do actual items. The kraft paper bags include their brand identity story, multiple logo hits and an interior that is fused with a glossy logo-based print. It not only looks great, but from a functional point of view the smooth material allows garments to slide in and out more easily. It might be the smallest items, however, that have the best packaging. Their bandanas and incense come in custom, made in Japan, kraft tubes with tastefully printed branding, and perfectly matching kraft paper labels that line up seamlessly. They also make great pen pots long after your purchase. I often wish brands would stop overdoing things so that the product would be better priced, but with Wtaps paying that extra couple of dollars feels well worth it as you can see the value in the printing and the paper.


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