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Go With The Flow – A Group Show at The Hole


312 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
July 10 – August 23, 2014


I have a complicated relationship with art involving spray cans. Like most Americans, it was a major part of my youth, but one gimmicky street artist after another has practically spoiled the technique for me completely. That's why it was such a pleasure making my way through the 'Go With The Flow' group show, which is currently on display at The Hole gallery here in New York, and seeing the atomized paint most often associated with graffiti being used in all manner of beautiful and interesting ways. Even the one traditional 'fill-in' represented, from artist JIMJOE, was composed and executed in a captivating way. Whether you have a similar background to myself, or are just a fan of airbrushed T-shirts, the show is certainly something worth checking out.

The Hole

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