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In Stock: Quoddy Spring Shoes



—01. Editor's pick: Ring Boots.


The wait has been a little bit longer than we hoped but nonetheless just in time for spring and impending summer. Quoddy’s models don’t change much over time, however we like to change around some of the leather and sole combinations to suit our tastes and this spring order is no different. We’ve made up the classic Blucher in the black chromoexel leather, nicely accented by a gum camp sole. The Canoe Mocs come in my personal favorite peanut grizzly leather and probably are the perfect summer shoe for just about anybody. Finally, a little more adventurous, the Ring Boots come in the peanut grizzly leather as well, which allows the shoe to feel much more soft and pliable than the chrompak leather usually used. Each of the models are hand-sewn in Quoddy’s east coast factory and are now available in the Inventory Stockroom – Ring Boots coming soon.

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