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In Stock: The Real McCoy's



—01. A finely edited selection of McCoy's goods.


One of our most exciting additions to the Inventory Stockroom this spring is The Real McCoy’s. Arguably the best reproduction brand in the world, McCoy’s offers a diverse range of products through The Real McCoy’s, Joe McCoy’s, Buco and the other licences the company now holds. Producing iconic American garments is the end product, but the brand itself is very special and there is a lot of love, research and history involved in creating each piece. The brand was fortunate enough to let us dig into their archives for some of our favorite pieces before they are gone forever. As well we picked up a few of the season’s staples and are happy to offer some of the best knits, accessories, work shirts and chinos the market has to offer. We often describe the McCoy’s has being “bomb proof” due to its incredible make and quality. The choice of fabrics and construction are some of the best we’ve ever seen. We’ve included a few images of the items that we picked for the spring season, all of which are now available online.

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