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Kapital Hunting Coverall



—01. Made in Japan.


This might be the simplest and most refined piece of outerwear that Kapital has manufactured in a while. Sometimes Kapital fabrics are a little too 'crazy quilt' for me, even though I know the construction is going to be incredible. In general I like mostly monochromatic pieces. This style of hunting jacket made of cotton moleskin, rarely seen in black, with the classic brown corduroy collar, is the best example I've seen. It's more modern than the caramel coloured vintage version but still a more traditional jacket than usual from Kapital.

Available at Hickoree's

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Like a lot of Japanese brands. I've always been puzzled how these company's make such remarkable quality garments for the price. Japan is a really expensive place generally, but they are able to manufacture these kind of items; which are relatively not that expensive in Japan. Of course if they find their way into Western retailers the price is high due to taxes and usually reasonable reseller fees. I doubt if these company's run on charity, howver if I was in Japan I could buy a shirt by Kapital/McCoy's or whatever and it wouldn't cost me near as much as a Prada or some crap here in Europe. I find this complete madness.

Rant over, but I would like to mention a Swedish retailer 'Mr Mudd and Mr Gold' which closed down recently, without any mention anywhere on the interweb. It was a tiny shop who from whet I found online to be the first to stock Kapital in the west. They stocked very simple Kapital pieces too, like polo shirts and whatnot.
May 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCiaran

50% off this jacket down the street from the Vancouver location
June 21, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterhelpful hints

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