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Stone Island Archivio '982-'012

01 02


—01. Archivio '982-'012.
—02. Spring_Summer '991 .
—03. Autumn_Winter '990-'991.
—04. The Compass Rose.


It's almost impossible to sum up the ambition, significance, and scope of this publication in a single blog post. At a staggering 644 pages, its contents, art directed by Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths, tell the 30 year story of one of the most important brands in modern sportswear. Over 300 meticulously captioned images offer a rare examination of Stone Island's famed archive, each page representing not only a moment in time, but also underlining the Italian brand's status as a perpetual innovator. The perfect accompaniment to the recent exhibition at Stazione Leopolda in Florence, this book is an essential purchase for anyone with an interest in clothing history.

Available for pre-order at Firmament

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