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—01-04. All items available at Superdenim.


This spring Superdenim has started to shoot a new series for their website called Superdenim Snaps. It's a nice selection of looks featuring garments from the store, something I think stores should really be doing more often these days.


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The problem with the Superdenim snaps is that the chap in them does not make any of the clothes look any good. Put simply he's the wrong shape and looks a bit like a young version of your dad.
July 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Braddock
We definitely have seen a shift to the Everyman look for editorials. I'm not sure if in the long run it serves every brand justice, as some brands are meant to be aspirational in it's message and aesthetic. There has been few in the Americana/ Heritage niche that i would consider in that vein. I wouldn't mind seeing a more masculine ideal even if they are just wearing gardening fare. Hipster ideal and skinny boy culture - hound looks are getting stale and may be running it's course. Thoughts?
July 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterD+

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