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There are few names more synonymous with art collection than Charles Saatchi. There's good reason for that, and those years of experiences in the art world have culminated in the form of his vast treasure trove of a website. The site certainly has a few names floating around that you might recognize, but the overall focus is on young and upcoming artists, giving you the opportunity to discover and invest in these talented newcomers before their work potentially grows out of your price range. While there were literally thousands of pieces that I was drooling over, there were a couple in particular that were not only beautiful, but also showcased the sheer talent you'll find present on each page of the sprawling site. These works are a pair of incredible drawings by Bernard Dumaine. At first glance you might think you're viewing a photo of an unfinished sculptural work by one of the European masters, but they are quickly revealed to be incredibly intricate uses of pencil to achieve the artist's photo realistic goals. I suppose it would make sense to highlight pieces of art actually about art, seeing as how this website is aiming to forever change how it is bought and sold.

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