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Lee West Objects Candle and Incense Holders



01. Set of three.


Made in Vienna at the Auböck workshop, these candle and incense holders are both versatile and beautiful. Functioning as one or the other depending on which way up you place them, they also work well as paperweights or small standalone sculptures. Offered in a set of three, each of the solid turned brass pieces has a slightly different finish.

Available from Mohawk General Store


Carl Auböck & Table of Contents Leather-Wrapped Bronze Stones



–01. Five sizes.


I feel as though I’ve seen an increasing amount of Carl Auböck pieces more widely available as recognition for the Austrian designer and company continues to grow, but I’d yet to see a collaboration. At the end of 2014, the Portland-based shop Table of Contents released five Auböck paperweights made from brass, based on the classic leather-wrapped stone which dates back to the 19th century.

Available from Table of Contents


Carl Auböck at OK



—01. Aorta Vase.


At any given time there seem to be a few shops around the world holding a small cache of Carl Auböck-designed homewares. I always delight in stumbling upon new ones and seeing what they have compared to the others. The LA-based store, OK, has a few of the usual suspects on offer, as well as a few I haven’t really come across before. As the Austrian designer's recognition keeps growing year by year, there are bound to be more shops carrying his designs, but for now this stands as a fairly good selection.

Available from OK


Carl Auböck at OEN

01 02


—01. Ashtray in Patina Brass.
—02. Circle Ashtray.
—03. Square Ashtray.
—04. Little Round Cup.


New and questionable habits have me spending longer amounts of time than usual looking for useful things at Muji, and – at the other end of the money-for-small-objects spectrum – browsing expensive, and miniature Carl Auböck pieces from the online retailer OEN. Each are interesting and useful in their own way, and figuring out whether I can live without something I can certainly live without, is proving trickier than simply closing the laptop and walking away.

Carl Auböck at OEN


Carl Auböck: The Workshop, 1930-1970



—01. Front cover.


I've been looking forward to the release of this book for a while, and it is now finally available for pre-order online. However, if like me you happen to live in or near New York City you might consider waiting until November 7th, when an official launch party will take place at Patrick Parrish's Mondo Cane. Parrish is an avid collector of Auböck works, and acted as a producer during the books publication. Beautifully shot by photographer Clemens Kois and published by powerHouse Books, this catalog and study of the Auböck studio is an essential purchase for anyone with even a passing interest in the Viennese design house.

Published by powerHouse Books
Pre-order from Amazon

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