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01: New Issue



—01. Early sketches of Inventory pages.


It seems like the world of online magazines has expanded and grown well beyond what I ever imagined it would be like. However, I might argue that the best have all come from Canada, and 01 magazine follows suit. Their latest issue is filled with interviews, editorials and photo stories. Besides the interview with Visvim's Hiroki Nakamura, they also spoke to Chris Allen, who is largely responsible for the look and feel of Inventory magazine. The new online issue also has some great photography by Jennilee Marigomen, especially the shots from 'Kim's Closet'.

01 Magazine
Chris Allen Studio


Front Lines



—01. "Front Lines, inspired by Capa's indelible scenes from the first 'media war', reminds us that the camaraderie of men drawn by a sense of duty to an imperfect moral calling can reveal fleeting moments of disarming grace bound by unspeakable tragedy."


The photographs were originally shot for the CONTACT photography festival in Toronto but our own Chris Allen decided to take the opportunity to print a selection of the images in the first publication from Ikigai Editions. The news print release is 36 pages long, has 3 different cover options and was printed in Canada. The photographs were shot by Brendan Meadows, Simon Willms and George Moreira, and the styling and vintage archive came courtesy of Matt Robinson, owner of Klaxon Howl in Toronto. To accompany the project, Darrin Klimek also produced a short film offering a behind-the-scenes look at casual life behind the front lines of battle. Overall, the project was beautifully executed from the photos to the film to the first offering from Ikigai Editions, and we are very pleased to be offering the publication in our shop.

Heart of Spain

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