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Cuba by Quentin de Briey



01. Viñales.
02. Accommodation and amenities.


Recent political and diplomatic developments have Cuba regularly making the news here in the US. And for all the right reasons for a change. No longer on a ridiculous list of terrorist supporting countries, and with trade and travel restrictions lifted, direct flights from the US to Havana have now begun to operate. Cheap accommodation and mind-blowing experiences surely await, and acting quickly is probably key, before the country gets blown out by bros looking for a cheap place to 'get away' for a bachelor party. Friend and contributor to Inventory Quentin de Briey had none of these things to worry about. A European passport and a desire to see and document the country with his girlfriend led him there. The photos from their travels have just been published online by Purple, offering extra motivation for those of us who have been looking for a reason to get away somewhere warm, and somewhere not New York.

Via Purple Diary