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Homespun Dustbowl Work Socks



01. Indigo.
02. Brown.


I’ve been wearing a few pairs of these Japanese-made Homespun socks for a couple of weeks now and they are some of softest, most comfortable work socks I think I’ve owned. The secret is in the predominantly cotton construction, with added wool for warmth and just enough synthetic material to keep them returning to their original shape. They look just like a classic pair of work socks, but are far removed in texture from the scratchy varieties we’re all surely familiar with. 

Available from Lost & Found


Homespun: New Fabrics


—01. Indigo made especially for Inventory.


A couple of weeks back we received a delivery from our local friends at Homespun. The shipment includes some new fabrics of their great Coalminer shirt. The mock twist melange fabrics come from Japanese mills and are made here in Canada. They are the perfect weight, incredibly soft and fit really nicely. The indigo dyed henley is made especially for our shop, and is exclusive to Inventory.

Available at Inventory Stockroom


Homespun Sample Sale



—01. Homespun laundry bag.
—02. Made in Canada.


From now until the end of December, we are doing a small sample sale for Homespun. The classic undergarment company makes all of their goods in Vancouver, Canada. The focus on fabric and old production techniques give these pieces a great feel. The 'samples' are all priced at $45, so they make great gifts, either for yourself or for your family and friends.

The sale is in-store only, so if you can't make it to our shop, feel free to email or phone the store.

Inventory Stockroom