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Kaleidoscope Magazine Issue 18



—01. Issue 18.


The latest issue of Kaleidoscope Magazine is out now, and features, among other in-depth articles and essays, an interview with Massimiliano Gioni – the youngest person to ever hold the role of Director of the International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennle. The interview is conducted by Francesco Manacorda and accompanied by portraits shot by Ari Marcopoulos.

Massimiliano Gioni in Kaleidoscope Magazine


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—01. The Italian Issue.
—02. On Cinema As Public Space by Manuel Segade.
—03. Like A Whisper by Chris Sharp.
—04. The Suburbs by Michele D'Aurizio.


I've mentioned this before but I quite often find myself arriving late to the party. In this most recent figurative case I have only just begun to pay closer attention to a title I'd seen on various tables and racks over the last several years. Of course I'm now cursing my lazy thumbs, and figuring out how best to play it off like I've been wise to this publications excellence from the get-go. Kaleidoscope Magazine is an international arts and culture quarterly, but I won't attempt to summarize the varied and interesting content that's on offer each issue here. Instead I'll just recommend you find a copy posthaste, and join me in pretending you've had it on your bookshelf all along.

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