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Leroy Grannis - Legendary Surf Photographer



—01. Photographs by ©LeRoy Grannis. All rights reserved.


Leroy has provided us with some of the nicest surf photography dating back to the early 1960s. Odds are if you've seen any shots of the Southern Californian or Hawaiian surf culture in the 1960s and 1970s, he probably captured it. From black and white to an explosion of Technicolor, he really helped frame a generation of surfers. As Leroy passed away earlier this year, it's important to remember his contribution to that era of surfing. Before the shortboard, endorsements and telephoto lenses, when the sport was really at one of its most pure stages of evolution, his iconic photos help depict an era with absolute beauty. His photos will live forever along with the essence behind every shot, the love of the sport.

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This Is Not A Polo Shirt x LeRoy Grannis



—01. The line up.
—02. The beach.


This project is definitely a little bit unexpected, and could definitely have come out worse. The beautiful surf photography of LeRoy Grannis and the simple nature of Band of Outsiders works nicely on these shirts. While not the most subtle, I think the prints actually work nicely and the colors of the shirts give him a nice summer feeling.

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