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Our Legacy by Mathias Sterner



—01. A small book was printed and bound featuring the photos last month.


In some of my recent posts featuring Our Legacy's spring collection you'll notice I've used slightly different product shots than usual. These photos are apart of the brand's spring campaign which was shot by their friend and photographer, Mathias Sterner. The photographs capture the items in their natural habits of lived in, beautifully lit spaces. The shots are rich in color, texture and a mood that gives the products a different feeling, one that is more interesting and human, as if the person is just out of frame or in another room. Mathias has worked for a number of publications including Apartamento, Monocle and Pig. His shots have a great consistency and nice feel to them, full of character and great light.

&mdashMathias Sterner
&mdashOur Legacy

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