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Porter Classic Kendo Parka Jacket



01. Designed by Katsuyuki Yoshida.
02. Available in black and blue.


Porter Classic is renowned the world over for making some very serious clothing, and the pieces themselves are remarkable to behold in person. This jacket looks especially interesting, as a seemingly straightforward climbing fleece has been reworked to reflect the heavy-duty fighting outfits worn for Kendo, the Japanese martial arts practice.

Available from Museum Ark


Porter Smokey Tote



—01. Black Cotton.
—02. Made in Japan.


Porter has always been one of those brands that I've felt has a refined sense of quality and design, casual yet professional in nature, this tote bag is a perfect example of that ideal which has made the brand so successful. Individuals looking for something clean, between the lines of a briefcase and a backpack, without sacrificing masculinity, can identify with a classic tote bag. I got this bag two to three years ago and I can confidently attest to how well it has held up. The colour and texture of the bag has maintained its integrity through a ton of use. Ultimately, with a product like this, where you are using it everyday, your expectation lies within the bags functionality and longevity, I can say it has met all my standards.

Available at Tres Bien Shop

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