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Look: Spring Walk



—01. Canoe Mocs in Peanut Grizzly leather, coming soon.


With the exception of a few rainy stints, the good weather has continued through the last week. I’ve even ventured out with no sweater and jacket a couple times, trying to coax the sun to come a little closer. I really like the natural tones with a small hit of pattern by this Engineered Garments polka dot belt. The reverse sateen is really a great fabric for the pants as well, and the new Irving trouser suits it really well. Otherwise, it’s nice and simple; a white BD shirt, casual hat to throw on and one of the more peculiar bags from Porter filled with the days essentials – which Simon had made note of a little while back. I also find that each summer I generally have one pair of mocs that take a firm beating, canoe mocs are one of the easiest choices.

Pants and belt available at Nomad


Quoddy Ring Boots



—01. Ring boots in peanut grizzly leather.


I've been looking forward to getting a pair of Ring Boots for a long time now. I really love the look of the silhouette but it's taken a while to get the right mix of sole and upper to really find a balance I can wear easily. This will probably be my favorite shoes this spring. They will be available at the Inventory Stockroom in the near future.

Inventory Stockroom

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