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—01. New wool swatches.


Raif's collection of beautiful cashmere knit sweaters and accessories has been gaining some nice attention lately. I was finally able to see the products this week. The cashmere is unlike anything I've felt before. While the price is no joke, its a luxury product that is beautifully made. Raif's attention to detail and to the bigger picture are exceptional, and it should be interesting to see the full FW12 collection in New York this January.

Raif Adelberg


Weekend Viewing: Stussy Family



—01. Raif Adelberg.
—02. Wade Fyfe.


There are a few talented people around Vancouver, and we've been fortunate enough to get to know a number of them. This fall Stussy got in touch with us to help art direct and produce the first in a series of profiles that features friends and family of the global Stussy Tribe. Raif and Wade are great guys and it was fun to work with them on this series. Stay tuned for the last installment on the Stussy website for the last of the three personality series.

Stussy Feature: Raif Adelberg
Stussy Feature: Wade Fyfe

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