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Before The Wilds



—01. S.C.P., Ed. Varie & Tinker Street*.
—02. Nicholas Haggard.


Before The Wilds is a group show collaboration between S.C.P., Ed. Varie and Tinker Street* featuring the work of Ye Rin Mok, Nicholas Haggard, Peter Sutherland, Ben Pier, Matty Sidle, Estelle Hanania and Thobias Fäldt. This is one of those things that makes you wish you were in a particular city at a particular time. I first heard about it during the early planning stages and was in New York over the summer as it began to take shape. Sadly though, on the day of the opening, I couldn't be further away. The show runs until September 30th, but if you're in New York I definitely recommend going along this evening. An unbound catalogue with letterpress cover and insert print will be on sale, alongside a complete set of 7 letterpress prints, and a box set of t-shirts featuring the work of each artist and 7 hand numbered, signed prints. These items have been produced in very small quantities and are unlikely to be around for long.

Opening tonight: Ed. Varie, 208 E. 7th St., NY. 6-9pm.

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