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MHL Kagool Parka



—01. Classic cut and considered details.
—02. Moss coloured, 100% cotton.


The longer fitting parka is something I've always found difficult to wear. I own a couple of examples, most notably a classic A.P.C. model and last season's Storm Parka from Engineered Garments, but traditionally I'm much more comfortable with outerwear that stops around the waist. Having said that, I've always admired the classic lines a longer fitting trench or parka can give an outfit, especially when it comes to layers. The balance between various lengths, when done correctly, can give an outfit a nice sense of depth. The Kagool Parka from Margaret Howell's MHL line looks to me like a sensible wardrobe addition for anyone seeking something longer for the fall. All the details are in the right place, and nothing is fussy or over-designed. As is the case with a lot of MHL pieces, the jacket looks to fit a little on the looser, boxier side; which I happen to think actually works well on this type of garment.

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