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The Real McCoy's N-3 Utility Shirt



—01. Olive N-3 Utility Shirt.
—02. 80 count yarn.
—03. USN stamp.


Talking about The Real McCoy's brand in the shop today, I realized part of the reason that I like the garments so much, which I hadn't really thought about before. While the artificial aging and breaking-in can look interesting, I think that the way The Real McCoy's produce their garments new, and as they were originally issued, it allows a much nicer natural feeling to the goods. While this shirt might not showcase the finest patina specifically, it is a nice looking shirt, and it just arrived at Superdenim.

Available at Superdenim

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I know a surplus outside of Boston were you can pick up the exact shirt for about 4dollars..though not sure why you would want to?
Its awful.
December 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersync

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