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Unearthed: Duxbak Shooting Jacket



—01. Hidden cigarette pocket.
—02. Classic styling, surprisingly slim fit.


Maybe it's something about the cooler damp weather that's blown in over the last couple of days, but two thoughts have recently been preying on my mind. The first is adding an extra layer, as the temperature slowly starts to drop, and the second is an early morning wonder around the flea markets on the weekend. I'm lucky enough to live blocks from one, but during the summer months the harsh sun and shadeless asphalt are often a little too much for me to take for long periods of time. Hunting for diamonds-in-the-rough is not particularly a speciality of mine, which is why I'm happy to rely on updates from the always excellent Ready 4 The House to get my inspiration levels raised. The Duxbak shooting jacket above, looks to be exactly what we're all hoping to unearth when we're on the hunt: a well fitting, classic piece in excellent, or at least interesting, condition.

Ready 4 The House

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