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Visvim Folk



—01. Visvim heel counter.
—02. 7-Hole 73 Folk.
—03. Welt sole detail.


Fresh on the heels of their trunk show with Union LA last week, (Was anyone lucky enough to make it to Chateau Marmont for a custom fitting/bespoke pair of Virgil Boots?) Visvim have recently updated their website with some extremely wise words into the brand’s philosophy which is epitomized by their Folk line. For me personally, it’s this type of mentality that makes me appreciate the brand beyond just the end products. A mentality which has unfortunately become a rarity.

How do we know when a made thing is good? Good craftsmanship makes us happy, so we naturally want to make good things. This holds true whether we manage a brand or design a specific product. It’s practically impossible to innovate a high-quality product in such a short, three-month business quarter. Yet we’re often told the exact opposite. Advertisements claim that new and groundbreaking products have appeared in stores overnight, but this is pure marketing. If we move past these bluffs, we can find sign that hint where we should go next. We can only move forward as long as the process of discovery keeps its momentum, and this cannot happen if there is no meaning for a product to exist.


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