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Visvim Kiefer J.O. Hi



—01. Sand suede.
—02. Light blue suede.
—03. Hint of back heel detail.


The Kiefer model from Visvim has always been a bit of an odd one for me. Sometimes it comes in great leathers and suedes and sometimes it comes in materials I'm not a fan of. While the new suede renditions come with an odd Visvim heel detail, I think the overall shoe is very clean and the two colour options are great for the summer. The sand version might even be one of my favorites yet.

The Glade

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I enjoy reading your blog very much.

However, lets be very honest, most of the footwear that post or highlight are not that special.

Most are re-creations, updates, or copies of other dominant brands, ie ; Converse, Timberland, sperry, etc.

For instance, Visvim, Viberg, Yukaten styling is very similar to other prevalent brands.

Coloration & materials can always vary, if fact most colorway developments are experiments or selected subjectively. Thats fine, thats what makes the shoe unique, but not that notably special.

Keep in mind how fast trends move and a brand is in one month or year and done.

The case Im making is that there is not that much brillantly revolutionary designs out there. But some cool items for sure.
December 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMillionaireCafeLA

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