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The Collected Hairy Who Publications 1966-1969


Hardback, 168 pages
12 x 8.25 inches
Published by Matthew Marks Gallery, 2015


I posted about the What Nerve! exhibition when it opened at the Matthew Marks Gallery in July, prominently featuring works from the Hairy Who and other similar artists. Now the gallery has released all of the outsider collective’s art books in one volume, with the following snippet of the press release shedding more light than I could:

"Much of the Hairy Who’s legacy rests on four self-published books made to accompany their exhibitions. These comic books, as the artists called them, are among the first artist’s books executed in full colour, and they are exemplary models of artistic collaboration. The pages teem with unforgettable characters (including Juan Dollar, Poodle Woman, and Lotte Da) rendered in energetic lines and intense colours. The artists’ formal inventiveness and penchant for wordplay are on full display in these illustrations. Even the group's name is a pun. At one of the first meetings, the younger members were discussing Harry Bouras, a Chicago artist and critic, and they delightedly riffed on Karl Wirsum’s repeated question “Harry who?”

The Collected Hairy Who Publications 1966-1969 gathers these seminal books for the first time in a single hardcover volume, reproducing them at actual size and in full colour. Accompanying them are a scholarly essay by Dan Nadel and an extensive archive of Hairy Who posters, exhibition photographs, and ephemera.”

Head over to the gallery's store to pick up a copy before this limited title is sold out.

Matthew Marks Gallery


Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Wide Collar Cotton Shirt



01. Made in Japan.
02. Collar detail.


While I might admittedly prefer collars more prevalent in the 1940s and 1970s, you can't ignore the '80s forever. This shirt from Comme des Garçons Homme Plus looks like it was ripped straight out of the 1989 film Slaves of New York, with its classic silhouette and larger than life flourishes. It also doesn't hurt that the price seems to be from a bygone era as well.

Available from Number 3


Flat Static



01. Silk screened sleeve.
02. Rereleased by Ruff Records.


After highlighting Garry Bradbury's work last week, I thought I would continue to give shine to the often forgotten artists that made up the Australian experimental scene of the 1980s. To be honest, I don't know much about this reissue, or Flat Static in general, but it doesn't take more than a quick listen to realize that this record is a beautiful and strange mix of nearly every genre of music imaginable.

Available from Juno Records


Engineered Garments Ground Jacket



01. Activecloth fabric.


Oi Polloi has received a tightly edited selection of pieces in their first Fall-Winter '15 delivery from Engineered Garments, and I was very excited to see the Ground Jackets they’re offering. Daiki Suzuki's design stays fairly true to the classic coaches jacket, augmenting it with a couple of strategically deployed pockets. I’m partial to this black and navy horizontal stripe version, but there are also plain NYCO ripstop options for those seeking something more subdued.

Available from Oi Polloi


Birdwell Beach Britches Manhattan Beach Store


1300 Highland Avenue, Unit 106
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Anyone interested in the origins of California surf culture is surely familiar with the fabled brand, Birdwell Beach Britches. If not, their recognition is sure to grow beyond a cult following now that they've opened their first company-owned retail location in Manhattan Beach. With skate legend Natas Kaupas at the helm as creative director, it's a surf shop in the classic mould, offering every variant of the brand's board shorts alongside apparel and accessories. Stop in and pick up a pair at the only place Birdwells are available on the 100-mile stretch of beach between Venice and Laguna.

Birdwell Beach Britches


J.M. Weston Suede Derby Shoes



01. Goodyear welted.


The list of long-established footwear companies making incredibly well-built shoes in Europe is so overwhelming, that choosing between the options is a daunting prospect. While it seems like the majority are concentrated in the UK and Italy, there are also a handful of great brands based in France. One such outfit is the Anglo-sounding J.M. Weston, and this suede derby model exhibits expert craftsmanship alongside no-frills styling. With simplicity at its core, the classic lace-up stands as one of the best looking and seemingly under the radar luxury shoes I’ve seen in a long time.

Available from Mr Porter


Jay DeFeo Catalogue


Hardcover, 86 pages
9 x 11.5 inches
Published by Mitchell-Innes & Nash


Originally produced to coincide with last year’s retrospective at the Mitchell-Innes & Nash gallery, this catalogue centred around the late avant-garde artist, Jay DeFeo, chronicles the bulk of her working life. It features 50 key works from 1965 to 1989, including paintings, drawings, photographs and little-seen photocopy pieces, as well as an essay by Walead Beshty entitled The Ritual of Everyday Life: On the Migrating Objects of Jay DeFeo. For anyone fascinated by the Beat movement and Semina-associated artists, it is sure to be a must.

Available from Artbook


Now Open: Baracuta London Flagship


14 Newburgh Street
London W1F 7RT


Earlier this month Baracuta opened their first flagship store since the brand's ownership change and updated direction. The Newburgh Street location is the ideal spot for the iconic label, with the interior taking inspiration from some of their defining characteristics: Fraser Tartan, bold colours and a rich English heritage.


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