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A.P.C. by Louis W. Fall-Winter '14



01. Fall-Winter Campaign Imagery.
02. Fernand Jacket.


I'll be honest, when the Louis W. line from A.P.C. started showing up, I wasn't exactly sure what the deal was. Who was Louis W.? Why were the jackets so expensive? Well, it turned out the former was an eight-year employee of the A.P.C. design team, and the latter was because they're leather jackets, and leather jackets – good ones – are almost always expensive. While I can't ever really imagine myself in a traditional leather piece, I am a fan of the classic suede bomber style, and appreciate concise, well executed collections. I also like the family feel Jean has created in letting this collaboration come to light, and allowing a new voice to shine from within his company. You can view the Fall–Winter '14 collection from Louis W. by following the link below.

Available at A.P.C.

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