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Champion USA, Japan



—01. Made in USA.


Champion is one of those classically heralded brands that used to make some of the best stuff around. Well, they actually still do, in the USA, and it's available in Japan. After just receiving our Real McCoy's fall order and seeing the beautiful t-shirts they've made, I wanted to try to find more. While only exploring their website for a few minutes, there seemed to be a great variety of reverse weave, made in the USA sweats, plain and printed. One item I'm always quite fond of in the early fall is a football t-shirt and these Champion versions are just about perfect. Great colours, rich tones and classic as can be.

Champion USA, Japan

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I just went to that site and there are a lot of cool items on there website but its all in Japanese. Is there a way to view the site in English?
October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChandler

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