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In My Bag


Wm. J. Mills & Co. tote, Louis Vuitton Passport holder, Canon F1 35mm, Woolrich shorts, The Real McCoy's army hat, Ray Ban Clubmasters, Saint James socks, Papermate pens, Apartamento, HUGE, Moleskin, Muji card holder (with cards inside), iPod, Blackberry & Malin+Goetz moisturizer.


Bringing back the ‘In my Bag’ post once more, we recently shot some articles for our spring issue and each of us took photos of our ‘bags’. Some things are in there every day and somethings aren’t, but most of them are mine and get used regularly. The whole concept of the bag posts was to offer insight into people’s personal tastes and how the things they find important or at least aesthetically pleasing. There probably aren’t many surprises in my bag other than maybe my passport holder and the lack of something by Engineered Garments, but each thing serves its purpose and looks fairly nice, especially those Papermate pens.

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