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The sales are definitely on and in full force in most shops around the world. On one hand, I don't like to see it, and definitely not too early as it hurts the industry, the brands and the retailers. On the other hand, I am a consumer and it is great to get a good deal. Lots of shops have heavily discounted merchandise, but Present has some of the best items in decent size runs that I've seen. These are a couple of items I've been eying up this fall, but there are many more to be found.


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"I don't like to see it, and definitely not too early as it hurts the industry, the brands and the retailers."

Could you explain this a bit more thoroughly. I'm just confused how true this is. To what degree are brands and retailers "hurt." People should without a doubt always be rewarded for hard work, but at what point is this ridiculous. However, I saw Hiroki N. from Visvim driving around a pristine vintage bronco on Union LA's blog and he's always balling. Same with Shin, Tet, Fujiwara.... You and your team are doing well enough to travel the globe and I saw your boot collection posted a few weeks back and your boots alone were totaling around 3,000usd...You guys apparently aren't struggling by any stretch from what I can see.

I'm not trying to attack you guys either. As I said, hard works deserves its reward. I'm just defending my own position as someone who needs sales to get the expensive products they like.

My point in this is; are sales truly bad for business only because the slice into already deep pockets? As someone who struggles to afford the products they love I live for and need sales. I'm a student with a VERY low income. The whole attitude just seems pretentious, if the only reason sales are bad for business are because it lowers seemingly lucrative price margins. Granted, I know very little about the industry, but I'm curious. That's why I'm asking.

I appreciate what you guys do and your passion and can relate, I'm just saying it seems like the pricing of good products is aimed at a culture of creating an air of exclusivity and keeping things from people who genuinely love good products for the sake of protecting profits.
December 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertimkrkth

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