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Noah Fall-Winter '15


195 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
Monday to Saturday, 11am-7pm
Sunday, 12pm-6pm


After relaunching Noah earlier this year, Brendon Babenzien unveiled a flagship store on Mulberry Street in New York last month. Now we get a better look at the full Fall-Winter ’15 offering through a lookbook, shot by Jake Davis, and the brand's newly opened online shop.


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Reigning Champ for Canal Street Tennis Club



—01. Made in Canada.


To celebrate this year's US Open, Canal Street Tennis Club is born, a collaboration between American director Jake Davis and Canadian sportswear brand Reigning Champ. A native New Yorker and an avid tennis fan, it's the '80s tennis club of Davis' dreams where you can have a drink with John McEnroe and Tatum O'Neal. The sweatshirts have been produced in limited numbers and are only available for the two week duration of New York's famed hard court tournament.

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New York Made Us This Way



—01. Familiar fonts.
—02. Printed interior.


If they mean: cash strapped, highly strung, and homesick; then yes, New York certainly did. Meant as an ode to the city, and the people that inhabit it (some of whom are partial to a good outfit or two), New York Made Us This Way is an exhibition of works by Jake Davis cultivated from his Test Shot project, and currently on display at Nepenthes New York. To celebrate the event, which also coincides with the store's first anniversary, Nepenthes have released a rather interesting take on a traditional white pocket t-shirt. A familiar font adorns the center, giving the pocket an unusual looking placement; one that's perhaps more washing and camera trickery than design. The back features a montage of screen shots from various Test Shots Jake has produced over the last couple of years, which has been printed on the interior of the shirt rather than on outside of the fabric. Years ago I once saw a similar design on a Bjork t-shirt at Magma in London; I thought it looked good then, and still think it looks good now.

Jake Davis
Nepenthes NY