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LOOK | Outdoor Summer Nights



—01. Enjoying the outdoors
—02. Nice palette with comfort & utility


Sunny summer days bring out the nature lovers in all of us and this photo I saw on my internet travels today reminded me of a long summer day spent hiking and camping. It provided the inspiration for this above look. The shorts and shirt (from Polo and Chimala respectively) are cool and light enough in the heat but are still durable and the boots provide sturdy footwear for exploring the outdoors. The hat keeps the rays off the face, and a pocket square is handy for wiping the sweat from your brow. When the sun sets and you're gathered round the campfire, you can't beat a good flannel.

&mdashMountain Research Flannel
&mdashChimala Workshirt
&mdashPolo Masai Shorts
&mdashK.C. Monarchs Cap
&mdashRed Wing Chukka
&mdashThe Hill-Side Pocket Square