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Editor's Pick: Porter for Monocle Boston Bag



—01. Comes with a variety of small, useful bags.


I purchased this Boston bag a little over two years ago, and I think it's been with me on every trip since. The size is perfect to carry on, it's big enough for almost a week's worth of clothes, with some edited packing, and it comes with a nice variety of useful small bags inside. It's easy enough to carry, and considering how much I've used it, it doesn't look more than a month or two old, which bodes well for the long run.

Available at Monocle


Porter Climb Pack



—01. Includes lined and padded interior pockets.
—02. Made in Japan.


The Porter brand has never stopped impressing me. The variety of styles they produce is unmatched, each one manufactured to the highest possible standards. I've been increasingly attracted to mountaineering inspired bags lately and it's no surprise that Porter have hit the nail on the head with their offering. The Climb Pack is made in Japan from Cordura, comes in a great color combination, and also includes some nice pocket details and leather accents. I've been looking at a lot of similar bags recently, but this one will be tough to beat.

&mdashAvailable at Stuart and Wright

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Porter x Coffee and Milk Rucksack



—01. Black synthetic fabric.
—02. Nice leather patches.
—03. Strap detail.


Another bag that can only be found in Japan? Yes, I know but that seems to be the case with a lot of accessories I like. I'm unaware of the history of the Coffee and Milk brand myself, but I am definitely a fan of this collaboration. I don't mind the playful leather patches on the top of the bag, but it's the overall shape, style and colour that is most appealing.

Available at Beams


Porter Bi-Fold Wallets



—01. Tan.
—02. Brown.
—03. Black.


Earlier this spring Porter released some of the finest looking wallets I’ve seen lately. The Bi-Fold wallets are made from premium leather and soaked in water to give it a worn and oiled look. The result is essentially the perfect wallet. The size and zipper function make the wallet very useful and good a keeping your financials safe, while also looking great and being easy to carry. I have had a tough time finding the perfect wallet and this would likely be my choice if the price were a little more accessible. Available at Nomad and Stuart & Wright.

Available at Nomad


Look: Spring Walk



—01. Canoe Mocs in Peanut Grizzly leather, coming soon.


With the exception of a few rainy stints, the good weather has continued through the last week. I’ve even ventured out with no sweater and jacket a couple times, trying to coax the sun to come a little closer. I really like the natural tones with a small hit of pattern by this Engineered Garments polka dot belt. The reverse sateen is really a great fabric for the pants as well, and the new Irving trouser suits it really well. Otherwise, it’s nice and simple; a white BD shirt, casual hat to throw on and one of the more peculiar bags from Porter filled with the days essentials – which Simon had made note of a little while back. I also find that each summer I generally have one pair of mocs that take a firm beating, canoe mocs are one of the easiest choices.

Pants and belt available at Nomad

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