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Feature: 127 Sale



—01. 127 Sale: written and photographed by Kyle Garner of Sit and Read Furniture.


When I was last in New York I got to spend some time with Kyle Garner, who you might have read about in our spring issue. His shop, Sit and Read Furniture, has been doing some great things in the realm of modest furnishing lately. Between working on his own showroom space and collaborating with Unis, Kyle is continually trying to track down 'new' vintage pieces. At the end of the summer he set off to check out the legendary 127 Sale, so we thought it would be interesting to have him document the trip and what he found; or didn't find...

Feature: 127 Sale


Simple Things & Last Bits



—01. Worn industrial stool.
—02. Canning jars.
—03. Metal basket.


As some of you know, Inventory is preparing to open its first shop in the coming weeks. The process of printing Issue 02 and getting the space ready has been strenuous but fun, and definitely exciting. As you get closer to finishing this kind of project, there's always small details to address and things to find that will look great and improve the space. Some of them we've got, others we are yet to find. It will always be a process, but we're looking forward to announcing the opening date very soon.

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Unis Nolita



—01. Photos courtesy of James Ryang.


While I wasn’t sure it was even possible, but the Unis flagship store on Elizabeth St. in New York managed to get even more welcoming this past Thursday. As we mentioned last week, our friend Kyle Garner from Sit and Read Furniture teamed up with Unis to re-fit their Nolita home base. The combination of left-over Unis fabrics and Kyle’s classical furnishings have resulted in a perfectly unassuming interior. Clean lines and a great arrangement for a nice open space and great garments; it’s what a clothing store should look like.


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