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Rodney Graham: Props and Other Paintings


Charles H. Scott Gallery
1399 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC
September 17 – November 16, 2014


As one of Vancouver's most respected artists, Rodney Graham's series of shows in collaboration with the Rennie Gallery this year have been a real treat. The third and final instalment, Props and Other Paintings, is comprised of works that featured in light box pieces such as The Gifted Amateur, Pipe Cleaner Artist, My Late Early Styles and Lobbing Potatoes at a Gong. Graham's narratives have a wonderful sense of humour, highlighting his personal and cultural insights, and while the art featured in them was originally conceived only as a piece in a bigger puzzle, their development and evolution warrants a deeper look based purely on artistic value.

Charles H. Scott Gallery


Rodney Graham Collected Works


Rennie Collection at Wing Sang
51 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1S9
May 31 – October 4, 2014


Rodney Graham is one of Vancouver's most acclaimed contemporary artists and until October his work will be exhibited at three galleries around the city. The Rennie Collection at Wing Sang is the centre point for the interrelated shows, housing 'Rodney Graham Collected Works' which explores his ideas about art in modern mass communication through a variety of mediums.

Rennie Collection at Wing Sang


Rodney Graham by Jennilee Marigomen



—01-03. Outtakes from Free & Easy feature.


The October issue of Free & Easy is the latest edition of their Dad's Style series, and it happens to feature a Vancouver local, Rodney Graham. The artist, or humorist, as he is often refereed to, was photographed by Jennilee Marigomen. The issue has just released and these are a handful of shots from Jennilee's outtakes.

Free & Easy Dad's Style available at Inventory Stockroom