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Look: Just Another Day



—01. A couple Stockroom goodies.


Sometimes getting dressed is just as easy as it should be. The staples of spring often work just as well all year round, but they look particularly nice as the weather turns and the lighter tones come together. The socks are left behind and the layers are light and comfortable.

Gitman for Inventory Items Tattersall BD Shirt
Woolrich Woolen Mills Trail Parka
Wings+Horns West Point Chinos
Yuketen Country Rangers
Wm J Mills Sag Canvas Duffle Bag
Muji A6 Notepad


Yuketen Spring Collection



—01. Ryan fishing in the Country Mocs.
—02. Nice rich colours complimenting the moccasin.
—03. The Spring Collection


While we are anxiously awaiting our first delivery from Yuketen, they have just updated their website with a look at the collection and a couple of shots from their Spring–Summer look book. The collection is one of my favorites and includes some friendly faces like the Ranger Moc along with some of Yuki’s classic hand-sewn experiments. The collection is always interesting and never boring. While it’s hard to get a good look at most of the models online, they should be hitting stores over the next month. If you’re looking to pick up just one pair of new shoes for the spring-summer, I would be hard pressed to not pick something from Yuketen.


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