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As you've probably noticed the new Inventory website is now up and running. The change over went quite smoothly but there will still be a couple more changes as we finish the last of the updates. The updates will continue as usual with daily posts, we will be updating the Features section fairly regularly and we've updated the Stockroom with some new products. Take some time to click around and explore the new layout. Aside from the content, we've updated our contributors page as well as our stockists for the magazine.

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Coming Soon: INVENTORY 02 Spring–Summer 2010



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It’s been a very compact and exciting spring so far this year as we have new developments in all aspects of Inventory, but our main focus has been the production of our second issue of the magazine. Finally our Spring–Summer 2010 issue is going to the printers and we are excited to present the two covers for the upcoming offering. We feel the new issue not only met the standard of our initial launch but perhaps exceeded it with a more diverse range of content, some great new contributors and an additional 30 pages. Featured in our spring issue are Margaret Howell, The Real McCoy’s, Beams, White Mountaineering, Our Legacy, Wm. J. Mills & Co., Unis, New Balance and several other fascinating people, brands and stories. The issue will be available to pre-order through the Inventory Stockroom next week and will be shipping and hitting shelves in early/mid-May.

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