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Our Legacy Caterpillar V-Neck



—01. Made in Portugal.


"The Caterpillar V-Neck is made in a very rare string that is treated and dyed naturally. The Yarn reminds us of pure indigo since it fades gently after being used. The string is called BRUCO (Caterpillar) and was common in the 80s, but in 100% polyester that created a feeling similar to a velvet knit. The Caterpillar knit is a blend of 70% linen and 30% cotton which is our updated version from the 80s. The purpose with this knit is a natural expression and each piece will differ in appearance."

— Available at Our Legacy


Our Legacy 2-Button Blazer



—01. 2-Button Blazer Donegal Silk.


"2-Button blazer, half lined, French Tailored. Fabric from Great Britain in the composition of 50% wool and 50% silk - creating the homespun melange grey. Very well made, fits close to the body. Length is "Our Legacy" short, to make it more wearable. Light cognac kissing buttons."

Our Legacy


Coming Soon: INVENTORY 02 Spring–Summer 2010



—01. Both covers will be available next week.


It’s been a very compact and exciting spring so far this year as we have new developments in all aspects of Inventory, but our main focus has been the production of our second issue of the magazine. Finally our Spring–Summer 2010 issue is going to the printers and we are excited to present the two covers for the upcoming offering. We feel the new issue not only met the standard of our initial launch but perhaps exceeded it with a more diverse range of content, some great new contributors and an additional 30 pages. Featured in our spring issue are Margaret Howell, The Real McCoy’s, Beams, White Mountaineering, Our Legacy, Wm. J. Mills & Co., Unis, New Balance and several other fascinating people, brands and stories. The issue will be available to pre-order through the Inventory Stockroom next week and will be shipping and hitting shelves in early/mid-May.

Inventory Stockroom

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